"Not a day goes by without Kathy's voice reminding me how to guide my clients, expand my practice, and joyously live my life"



Cara Reeser earned a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MFA in Dance, from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. It was at NYU that Cara began her initial studies in the Pilates Method with first generation Master Teacher, Kathleen Stanford Grant.

In 1993, Cara moved to Boulder, Colorado where she continued her Pilates training at The Pilates Center. After certification, Cara taught there for six years before opening her own studio, Pilates Aligned in Denver, CO.

Cara is a continuing education provider for Pilates instructors offering a variety of workshops and mentoring programs for professionals worldwide as well as online with Pilates Anytime.

As a second-generation Pilates instructor and lineage carrier of the Kathy Grant work, Cara is the lead teacher and director of a post graduate training program called The Heritage Training®, she is also the co-owner and co-educator for Movement Science Made Simple™ a continuing education platform that works to advance the knowledge of functional movement and motor leaning for Pilates teachers.

Cara was a member of the Department of Dance faculty at Naropa University for 15 years, she danced and choreographed professionally for over 20 years. For the past 10 years has been a dedicated student of the Yoga tradition, all of which has inspired her interest in the science of movement and the body-mind connection.

When Cara Reeser first met Kathy Stanford Grant she had no idea that this stern, petite, 71 year-old would change her world forever.

Cara was a graduate student in dance at NYU just coming back to dancing after two years recovering from a broken back when she started taking Kathy’s morning Pilates class. Kathy immediately recognized Cara’s injury and took her under her wing. For two years, every morning, Kathy patiently guided her to breathe, align, find her core strength and let go of the fear of re-injuring her back and ending her dance career.

It turns out Kathy also had been a dancer with an injury. But in the 1950’s, she began to work with Joseph and Clara Pilates. Because of their work she was able to continue her dancing career. Eventually, she went on to help in the creation of the Dance Theater of Harlem, an institution that has nurtured young dancers for over five decades.

The methods Kathy learned from Joe and his students inspired her to become a Pilates instructor herself, preserving their techniques and developing her own exercises and style. Later in her career, she dedicated herself to passing along their tradition and hers to a new generation of Pilates devotes, including Cara.


  • Founder of and Master Teacher at Pilates Aligned – an award-winning Pilates  studio serving clients at two locations in Denver, Colorado
  • Distinguished Instructor at Pilates Anytime. the industry’s premier on-line at-home training resource for both students and Pilates professionals
  • Teacher of Continuing Education workshops at Pilates Aligned and  studios both here and abroad
  • Teacher and lecturer at national and international Pilates conferences
  • Contributor to the growing body of published work in the field of Pilates
  • Host to renowned professionals in all fields of movement and mind-body education
  • On-site mentor of national and foreign Pilates instructors who wish to enhance their skills
  • Curator and collaborator of The Pilates Legacy Library
  • Producer of  an upcoming documentary film on Kathy Grant’s life and legacy
  • Loyal student of the top movement educators, kinesiologists and anatomists in the country


Cara fiercely believes that the practice of Pilates can lead to a mind-body transformation that will change the life of those who seriously embrace it. Using Pilates as both a wellness-health practice and therapy for injured athletes, dancers and the physically compromised, Cara has a proven record of success. She is dedicated to helping other teachers provide their clients with the same results!

She accomplishes this by helping Pilates professionals better understand the human body so they can strengthen their skill as teachers. Cara’s knowledge of anatomy and movement mechanics allows her to pass on the traditions of Joseph and Clara Pilates and their student, Kathy Grant. It was Kathy who taught and mentored Cara for more than 20 years.

It is to these three pioneers – and the other holders of the lineage — that Cara pays daily homage. It is their work that inspires her to innovate and move forward as an instructor, herself.

Another part of Cara’s mission is to bring added respect to an industry that has too often been diluted into just another form of fitness exercise. To reach this goal, she believes that strong continuing education is essential. She believes that all teachers have it within them to become master teachers. And she believes that it is this team of Pilates professionals that will carry the torch forward.