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Classes and Privates

Welcome to my online classroom. My classes are designed for Pilates professionals but if you have Pilates experience and enthusiasm you are welcome to join me. In these classes I often use the following props you might want to have handy in addition to the core class equipment (chair, reformer, mat): yoga blocks, resistance band, 2-3lb arm weights, and a roller.

Take my classes live online and/or watch the recording for 1 week after the class on-demand.

So, Join me online:

Pro-Classes Mat (Live & streaming)

These 55-minute Mat Classes are designed for Pilates professionals to get some time on the mat for themselves! Each class builds on a theme and allows us to explore the Pilates repertoire through deepening our understanding of the physical skills needed to perform each exercise.
Suggested props for class: 2 yoga blocks, resistance bands, and large fitness ball.

Pro-Classes Chair (Live & streaming)

These 55-minute Low Chair Classes are for Pilates professionals who want a rigorous workout on the chair. These classes will introduce you to the traditional Pilates Chair protocols and much more.
Equipment needed: Low chair, along with a yoga mat

Pro-Class Reformer (Live & streaming)

This 55-minute class offers Pilates teachers and advanced students an opportunity to work on the skills, strength, and endurance needed for the highest-level Classical Reformer exercises. Each week will have a them that will allow students to explore, improve, and refine hard-to-do protocols with greater ease and understanding.

Privates and Semi Privates (Live)

These 55-minute sessions are individually crafted to meet your needs. I will make sure you have access to the props needed for mat work, and if you have Pilates equipment at your home, we can practice that way as well. Each session builds on the next. The primary aim is that you meet your goal, whether it is to build strength and flexibility, rehab from an injury, or to manage and improve the pain and limitations that you are experiencing in your body.


Privates $140
Duets $75 per person
Trios $50 per person