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The Heritage Training

A Post-Graduate Program for Pilates Professionals Taught by Cara Reeser

This program offers a unique opportunity for extensive training in the Kathy Grant work in The Pilates Method through the lens and experience of her long-time student, Cara Reeser with the assistance of Laura Karpinski and Maria Earle.

Working together for 50 contact hours over a few months, students will have the chance to examine the philosophy, vocabulary, techniques, and teaching tools passed along to Cara from Kathy and to Kathy from Joseph and Clara – the lineage to which we all belong. Students will gain a deep connection to this work through hands-on training, practical application, virtual class, and video library access.

2022 and beyond The Heritage Training is moving forward

One of the things that 2020/2021 brought us all was change and the ability to be more adaptable. Some of the changes we made, we will all be happy to rid ourselves of. Other ways we adapted taught us about options we didn’t even know were there. For The Heritage Training, this is the case.

In 2021 we launched our first virtual training. It was something that I hesitated to do. But … “silver lining” it was a wonderful experience! We were together with our US and Australian cohort learning and sharing. I realized that this was the moment to reroute this program so it could be more readily accessible by offering a hybrid program that combines in-person and virtual training.

The Program

Students will meet for a total of 3 sessions, over the course of several months a total of 50 hours (NCPT CEC credits apply) with a mix of live and live-online course curriculum trainings. Weekly live-online “Before the Hundred” classes will be offered for the duration of the program. (Students are required to attend a total of 5 of these classes as part of their contact hours.)

Session 1
4 days, 4.5 hours each meeting.
The topic is Kathy Grant’s signature mat protocols she called “Before the Hundred”.
Live attendance is required for this session only.

Session 2
3 days, 4.5 hours each meeting.
The topic is “Equipment Work.” This will cover the innovative exercises that Kathy designed for the equipment as well as some of the archival material she shared over the years.
Option for live or live-online in the US, Zurich students will have live-online only.

Session 3
3 days, 4.5 hours each meeting.
The topic is “Strap Work.” This session offers comprehensive instruction in the Kathy Grant signature works she created on the Cadillac using canvas straps to help facilitate a deeper connection to the Pilates Mat protocols.
Live-online only, students will need access to a Cadillac, straps will be provided.

2022 US Schedule

Registration will open September 15th.

Session 1
Live in New York City (studio location TBA)
March 24th – 27th 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (East Coast US time zone)
N.B. Vaccine ID required for in person attendance at NYC venues.

Session 2
Students can choose to meet live in Denver, Colorado or join live-online. (Studio location TBA)
April 29th – May 1st 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (East Coast US time zone)

Session 3
Live-online only
June 3rd – 5th 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (East Coast US time Zone)

Total Tuition Cost: $3,500
A $500 deposit is required upon registration to reserve your spot.
Tuition is paid in 3 additional $1,000 installments prior to each session.

2022 Zurich Heritage Training Schedule

Our goal is to run session one, live for our European students in June of 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland. This of course will depend on COVID restrictions. Sessions 2 and 3 will be virtual and will work with the European time zones. I will post these dates no later than Nov 1. I will send out an additional email when these dates are finalized.


Registration is open:


I was looking for a post graduate program to study the work of one of the first generation teachers. I decided to partake in the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program. The work of Kathy Grant is so inspiring and has changed me as a teacher. The vocabulary of skills I have gained will serve me and my clients for years to come. I have such respect for Kathy’s work and am grateful that a program of this quality exists for those of us who are looking to carry on the masterful work of those who have come before us. Cara and Laura deliver the material with such admiration and respect for Kathy and I highly recommend this program for any Pilates professional wanting to expand their knowledge and depth of teaching.

~Vanessa Caesare (2020 Graduate)

I was led to the Kathy Grant Heritage Training by a friend who had gone through the Training and it had been on my wish list for awhile. I am always wanting to understand more, to go deeper in my teaching and understanding of Pilates and finding Kathy Grant’s work through Cara and Laura was life changing in my teaching and for my clients. To be able to understand and cue in a way that is so clear, so mind opening for me and my clients has been a true gift. To see clients that I have taught for years and years be able to find their way into the Pilates work in a way that made them have moments of pure joy and go where they never realized they could has been wonderful.

Going through the Heritage Training for myself and finding all those gifts that are the work of Kathy Grant also gave me freedom and a focused depth to my own Pilates practice. The community and guidance of Cara and Laura made this experience such a profound effect on me that my clients are now enjoying for themselves.

I feel that this work was a missing piece for me and am so grateful to Cara and Laura and all the wonderful teachers that were with me along the way.

~Hilary Opheim (2019 Graduate)

The Kathy Grant Heritage Training completely changed the direction and focus of my teaching and my personal Pilates practice. Through Kathy Grant’s subtle, before the hundreds work, I learned new fundamental movements and deepened my understanding of others.  Gaps in knowledge were filled.  I am now able to move my students through fundamental, basic Pilates movements into more complex difficult work in a seamless manner.  Even my most advanced students are flabbergasted over their new-found function and fluidity.

The program, expertly taught by Cara and Laura is thorough, accessible, and fun.  In spite of its seriousness, Cara is insistent on staying true to her firsthand learning from Kathy Grant; there are moments of light-heartedness, laughter and sharing.  There were also moments when I was moved to tears because the work was so powerful and I felt Pilates in a way that I had never experienced before.

Ample time is allotted for practice and mastering. You are not left with unanswered questions.  Instead you leave feeling passionate, energized and inspired to continue learning, experimenting and perfecting your skills as a practitioner and instructor.

~Tiana Gray (2012 Graduate)

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The Heritage Training ® Graduate Database:

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Pratt Tina Castle Rock CO USA
Yannakakis Daphne Paonia CO USA
Ross Jen Denver CO US
Young Amy Boulder CO United States
Briese Shannon Denver/Littleton Colorado USA
Phillips Sunday Boulder Colorado USA
Stoufer Gina Denver Colorado United States
Phillips Sunday Golden Colorado USA
Murray Jocelyn Washington DC USA
Moore Randi Washington DC USA
Goncearova Elena Dubai Dubai UAE
Carter Fiona Edinburgh & Larbert Scotland
Lempiainen Heikki Helsinki Finland Switzerland
Frederic-Lindo Nicole Miami FL USA
hall summer Atlantic Beach FL United States
Wagoner Gretchen Miami FL United States
Mayo Susan St Petersburg Florida United States
Choi Yeji Gimpo-si Gyeonggi-do South korea
Lee Alayna Haiku (Maui) HI USA
Katz Marilyn Chicago IL USA
Katz Marilyn Chicago IL USA
Harris Deborah Park Ridge IL United States
Zumann Matthew Chicago IL US
Sullivan Karen Springfield Illinois USA
Puffett Ingrid Chilanga Lusaka Zambia
Sussman Sheryl Edgartown MA USA
McIndoe Rebecca Wixom MI United States
Mogilevsky Victoria Wayzata MN United States
Birdwell Kimberlie Bozeman Montana USA
Smith Alaine Bozeman MT USA
LaFitte KimLien Durham NC USA
Matthews Deborah Durham NC USA
Chase Samantha Raleigh NC USA
Szachara Jacquie Pittsford New York United States
Mannheim Linda Princeton Junction NJ USA
van der Tol-van Beek Marieke Amsterdam Noord Holland The Netherlands
Athanasiadou Astarti Amsterdam Noord-Holland Netherlands
Lafave Bonnie Carson City NV USA
Maiberg Anula New York NY USA
Stuber Benjamin New York NY USA

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